Business Plans… Yes, Really.

Business Plans… Yes, Really.

I suppose now and then I ought to talk to something a bit more relevant to my Day Job.

I love designing things and turning ideas into reality.

Once upon a time all fresh starting out, idealistic and dewy-eyed, I was more than happy to work with likewisely idealistically minded entrepreneurs. They often called themselves something like “Start-Ups.” Whatever. Sounds good. I had faith. I believed in the good ideas. I knew they were good ideas capable of succeeding. And I was such an amazing, awesome, great designer, ah-but-naturally of course they’d succeed.

Well, turns out no matter, a designer can only go so far. A wonderful idea without a plan is still just only a wish, and even with the most awesomest graphic designer ever, wishes … have no basis in reality.

So quite frankly, these days i’m getting a bit jaded. Being a muse is all fine and grand, but bills still gotta be paid. It gets depressing after a while doing totally radsome, awesome logos for some businesses or the other, only to then turn around and discover they’ve already gone defunct. Good jesus. Bent as I am upon your success, it has been hard not to take your business failings personally.

But you know what? No more. As with all other too-serious things, I am also done with racking myself self-doubt that my magic was not strong enough.

Now, all you idealistic entrepreneurs looking at my website: let me tell you something. before I had the courage to be artsy, I accumulated some odd 10 years of experience running a gifts retail shop along with some minimal background in accounting and books keeping. Just strictly in this lifetime I’m speaking. So I do know a little bit about business plans, running a small business, and a little too much now about start ups that never starts.

The most important thing i know is #1 above all, you must have a business plan.

When someone come to me now with a wonderful idea, and if i think it’s great I will respond: “Awesome idea. Great, I love it! And do you have a business plan?” Not at all to discourage you by any means.

If this is a really good idea that you have, and you are dead serious about your new business start up; then you will have it all down on paper, from A to Z exactly who, what, where, why, how, and how much, and so on. It is called a business plan. If the important information is only all “up in your head”, then this is more properly called a wish. And as all the mommas always say: if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

You may have a valuable concept that is sure to succeed but do not know how to proceed. Most likely your first thought was: “we need a website (or a logo),” and so you’ve turned to the first designer you know. And yes, oh yes, yes yes absolutely, absolutely I would LOVE to do your logo and coordinate your branding and marketing, to present you to your public as respectable professional in your own right rather than to let you go out looking like an amateurish, barely-put together sketchy biz. But …. first you need a solid plan before you waste your money or my time.

I can help you identify and define your purpose, goals, and measures of progress. It may be that you need a business coach first, and then a graphic designer to transform your plan into visual reality.

There are no accidental successes, this much i can assure you. If you make it thru your business plan and make it solid, then you and your business are much more likely to be successful.

I’d rather that for you, than more defunct logos and websites.