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Anna was amazing… … so shorten this….. she replaced our one info-only web page into an attractive, user-friendly, interactive, and above all useful website. We now have an effective way to hear from and communicate with our members. And, she installed something called a Content Management System that allowed us non-technical board members to easily keep the site up-to-date.

Anna also designed our monthly event flyers, coordinating the overall look with that of our website and emails. These flyers are our primary means of attracting new members, so having eye-catching ones was certainly a help and we did in fact begin to see more new faces.

Anna was also diligent about distributing flyers, submitting event info to local publications, and monitoring our online presence which soon included a social media platform in addition to our website.

For 6 years Anna was an invaluable help when it comes to the chapter’s visual branding, design, marketing, & promotion. We wish her well in her professional endeavors.

~ 2012-2018 Pikes Peak USA Dance Board

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Branding Example: USA Dance Pikes Peak Chapter

USA Dance relied on consistently placed contact information on all of its eye-catching yet information-dense quarter-page flyers distributed thru town, an active social media presence, as well as a website.