Don’t bE SO sEriouS

Don’t be so Serious

Before I was a muse, I was very serious. Play by the rules. Follow the Plan. Ducks in a Row. But you know what? I’m done with that now. I have absolutely no doubt that if I keep toeing the line, one day when I’m 96 years old I’ll win a million-dollar design contract. Could you just imagine? Actually, I’d probably croak before I got to see the job done and that would really, really suck then.

But what am I doing setting up a blog here in the first place? I’m a muse, I’m a designer, I’m many things; and writing is definitely not high up on my list. In fact it’s actually my poet’s department (or so I thought). The short and simple answer is that for some weird reason I’ve been feeling like I ought to.

And logically I ought to write about my day job, which is what this website is about. Which means discussing design related topics and/or bragging up my projects in order to puff up my creditability and land a multi-million-dollar designing ad campaign. You know, following the script.

But you know what? I’m done with being serious.

I tell my poet this, he who has always been a wonder when it comes to names and titles. And he comes up with a great idea (he always does). My Life as a Muse.

Of course, this entails a discussion.

Which is when I find out that according to him all I do is merely glance his way and inspire him on the spot with the answer to the burning question on his mind. He’s awfully curious how I do that. Really. Hopeless romantics these poets are sometimes. That’s not exactly how this gig goes.

Ok well, maybe. A little. But still it’s more involved than it looks. Gosh, you know you’re good when everyone thinks the job you do looks fantastically easy and effortless. I’ll take it as a compliment.

So what’s involved in being a Muse? Perhaps I’ll use this blog to explore this topic among others. I’m still deciding.

But to set the record straight, it’s not that simple. Before you get to be any good, there’s a lot of work to get to that ah-but-naturally level. And then some more before you even get to be ah-but-naturally all the time. But I can certainly tell you this:

There’s a lot of giving up.

There’s a lot of letting go.

And that it’s extremely hard to be a muse when you’re so very serious. And so, naturally, that’s one of the things you gotta let go. Then it’s easier.

Don’t be so serious.