My Day Job

My Day Job

I’m not just a muse all the time, gad, no, that would get boring. No, I have what I affectionately call my “day job.” See, I pretend to be this ultra-multi-talented graphic designer. At the moment, I’m just doing my fair share of muddling along -one can’t just start right off as famous right away you know, gotta build up some of that street creed and all, yo man. It’s easy — time and again I find I need to let my boy muddle on his own for a while whether it be in his office or in the room with the big white things, no matter to me, I go and play at my day job, this one, at Anna Blueberry Design, which is how you found this blog in the first place. Being a muse may be all grand and heady, but the bills still gotta be paid.

I’ve been plodding along as a designer for a little while. From since as a little girl when I designed and created rather than played, into my teens when so often did I rearrange the furnitures it was predicted I’d be an interior designer, till by the time I hit adult hood, it logically become the “career” to chose since around here these days, one apparently must have one. So I played by the rules, went back to school, and bemusedly graduated with an expensive BS degree in visual communication just as the job economy has a major collapse. Sheesh.

So what do I do? I started out playing according to the script: beg for jobs. Heck, I’d even do some for free. Mostly I was scared of wasting a 70k overly priced college education. Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot, and coupled with my natural giftedness, I am: really good at what I do. I would have only picked a less expensive approach next time around. But since it was so expensive, I wasn’t in a hurry to forget my learning, so I begged, I practiced, heck, I even worked for free.

Not too long ago, after our neighbor popped over to tell us the “mean hornet” logo I designed for his local youth rugby team had been put up on their website, printed up on t-shirts and bumper stickers, I actually SAW one of those mentioned bumper sticker pull out in front of me on a van directly ahead of me. What a pick-me-up moment as I suddenly realized my work’s actually hitting the street! in vertidue. Whoo hoo!

That much more enviable yet exclusive ‘street creed.’ 😜