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The short cuts to all the unlinked, trial-error, or still-in-edit pages – – –

Password or take down when site goes live.

STILL EDITING – Unfinished price list: /pricing

BLOG (maybe) : /blog

Finish Gallery:



Note: the parent links on the menu are missed on cellphones so these cannot be crucial pages ie my Services & About pages)

  • then (later) add Biz Counseling page = (kaye’s thing)

About page…. really looks better set up as 3-column rows. Would like to add more columns in the future for the right people. Or I should go ahead and keep it as 3-columns with filler images in the extra columns…?

Eventually also add (?) About > Philosophy page: ie why we design the way we do, why we do, our priorities, etc. (or: why my website is not over wide nor flashy-trigger-prone)


OLD STUFF – Remembering you video (with AfterEffects): /i-will-remember-you

REDIRECT (almost) FIXED – pizzaandpastry.com redirects to /pizzaandpastry/

REDIRECT FIXED: deafcoffee.com / www.tinyurl.com/deafcoffee redirects to /deaf-coffee-chat-colorado-springs-south